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  • 12 Feb 2020 2:16 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    [Sent by Gov.sg – 12 Feb]

    Your questions about Coronavirus (COVID-19) answered - by infectious disease expert Dr Leong Hoe Nam

    How does it spread?

    Much like familiar cold viruses or influenza, COVID-19 spreads primarily by respiratory droplets, which come out through saliva or when we sneeze. It is not in the air.

    Is it possible to contract COVID-19 from someone who is not showing symptoms?

    Those with no symptoms are less likely to have nasal discharge or cough, and are hence less likely to transmit. In truth, we suspect the actual risk to be very low.

    What treatments exist to help COVID-19 patients?

    Most of the time, best supportive care (i.e. adequate hydration, food and oxygen when needed) will work for more than 90% of patients.

    Watch in full: go.gov.sg/covid19-expert2

    On the COVID-19 situation in Singapore: go.gov.sg/covid19-sg

  • 04 Feb 2020 9:42 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

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    11  Ways To Protect Yourself From Virus Outbreaks

    The outbreak of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) which originated in Wuhan China, has been declared by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as a global emergency. 11,860 cases ( as at Feb 2) have been reported in China with the death toll of 259 people. It has spread to almost all continents with reports of 164 cases in other countries.

    What are the symptoms?

    The symptoms cannot be differentiated from the common cold and flu. These are fever, cough and in the more severe cases, there is shortness of breath and pneumonia of differing severity. The worse the pneumonia severity, the greater the risk of fatality. Dr Shawn Vasoo, the acting Clinical Director at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases, Singapore, estimated that 20% of those infected would become severely ill. 

    How is the virus treated?

    There are no specific antiviral medications to treat this virus. Medical treatment is limited. The infection has to be overcome by your immune system. Therefore you should take steps to strengthen your immune system as well as avoid behaviour which crashes your immune system. 

    11 Ways To Protect Yourself From Virus Outbreaks

    1.       Mask Up 

    I know the papers say to only mask up if you are sick. However, some believe that they are protecting themselves from the virus being spread from others coughing or sneezing. If you are in a crowded public place or enclosed space such as the plane, then I would recommend masking up even if you aren’t sick.  Reports have stated that the symptoms cannot be seen until 9-14 days after one has contracted the coronavirus. 

    2.       Protect Your Mouth, Nose and Eyes

    Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes after touching public surfaces. This is how the virus enters your body. If you are in an enclosed space with recirculating air such as on a plane or a public place like an airport, hospital or clinic, I would recommend also protecting your eyes with glasses.

    3.       Practice Good Hygiene

    Wash your hands with soap after touching public surfaces and avoid touching your eyes, nose, face and even your hair until you have washed your hands. My daughter uses a tissue to open doors and when touching bannisters. She uses her car key to touch surfaces like lift buttons and the ATM machine.  Sometimes she uses her knuckle but then washes her hands immediately after. I used to think she was a little bit of a crazy germaphobe, but at this time, these may be good practices. You could also clean aeroplane seats and surfaces with antibacterial wipes first before touching them.

    4.       Catch Up On Sleep

    Night owls should sleep earlier and get 8 hours of sleep. Between 10 pm to 2 am are the important times when the body carries out its repair so it’s most beneficial to be asleep by 10 pm.  Sleep deprivation takes a major toll on your immune system which makes you more susceptible to falling ill. 

    5.       Avoid Sugar

    Sugar depresses your immune system function. There are many hidden sugars in foods such as salad dressings and ketchup so do read the product labels carefully.

    6.       Eat Whole Nutritious Food

    Nutritious whole foods like fruits and vegetables, whole grains and proteins nourish your body’s cells and helps strengthen of your immune system.

    7.       Get Some Sun

    Sun exposure is known to improve immune function.  Vitamin D from the sun is anti-viral and helps your immune response to viruses. 

    8.       Avoid Alcohol and Smoking.

    Alcohol is a diuretic so it dehydrates your body. It also causes loss of vitamins and minerals leaving you nutritional deficit and depresses your immune system.  Smoking (including second-hand smoke) causes a reduction in immune system function.

    9.       Refrain from Over-exercise.

    Aggressive exercise can increase cortisol and this depresses your immune system. Consider doing some moderate exercise at home.

    10.     Be aware of immunosuppressive drugs

    People on steroids are at risk, including cancer patients on radiation and chemotherapy. Antihistamines, antacids and acid reflux medication depress the immune system and decrease your body’s ability to fight infection.  Cancer patients need to take extra precautions. 

    11.     Increase your serving of Santivia Immune

    Natural Killer (NK) cells are your body’s defence against viruses. They are your body’s assassin cells. Studies have shown that people who are chronically sick have low numbers of NK cells. You can’t have enough NK cells!

    Santivia immune contains the proprietary and unique immune modulator, Ai/E10, with the synergistic anti-oxidant ingredient of blueberries. 

    A US clinical trial demonstrated that Ai/E10 increases NK cell activity by 300% in ‘healthy’ (i.e. not chronically sick) people taking it for 3 months. Another trial in 107 serious chronic sick patients showed an increase in NK cells by 1250% when given high serving sizes of Ai/E10 and followed for 18 months.

    We urge you to take active steps to strengthen your immune system by taking Santivia immune daily especially during this virus epidemic and when travelling.

    The adult serving size we recommend for Santivia immune is 1 capsule twice daily. This is an average maintenance serving. However, in high-risk situations, we strongly urge adults to start at 4 capsules daily, preferably in divided servings. The aim is to get a faster improvement in immune function.

    For children from 2 years to 12, half the adult serving is recommended. 1 capsule daily as a maintenance serving. 2 capsules daily for intensive use, preferably in divided servings.

    For vulnerable people with already compromised immune systems, intake of Santivia Immune can be increased even to 6 to 8 capsules.

    Santivia Immune is a food, not a drug. It will not interact with any medication.

    Keep healthy and safe everyone!

  • 01 Dec 2019 9:50 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Super proud of our contingent of 46 people from Team ASPIRE55. Good job completing the 5KM race in under 75 mins. 

  • 19 Jan 2019 11:59 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Held for the first time today at our clubhouse, was an introductory Chinese New Year Ang Pow Lantern Making Session conducted by Uncle Chia (aka My dad). Highlight of the two hours session was the process of making the little piggies, and most of all the fun and laughter amongst a group of new and old members. 

  • 27 Jan 2018 11:56 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Solutions for an ageing society should start from enablement policies. The next generation of older adults want independence, live at home and also dignity. When they are weak, let’s use rehabilitation and exercise to enable them to be stronger as they age, when they are in a nursing home, let’s use funding policies to motivate operators further to improve their functional abilities. When they they want employment opportunities, let’s get corporates motivated on innovative approaches to engage and retain older workers and enable them to work for as long as they desire. When they want to age at home, let’s look at improving building codes for all residential developments to look at age friendly universal design. And let’s look at home and the people around our immediate circles, what is our own reactions when they get weaker or experience pain? How do we enable and support them to continue doing the things they love and experiencing a good quality of life? In Asia, we have a huge dependence on domestic helpers to do things for our elderly parents as they age. Let’s try to get our helpers to organise social activities for our parents, accompany them to see their other ageing siblings and friends, take them shopping, to the markets or something fun. Helpers that help enable qualify of life for older people will be one step towards creating an ageing friendly world in Asia.

  • 15 Jan 2018 7:52 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    When you exercise with Aspire55, you are not training to be a body builder, but what you will gain is to have the motivation and energy to exercise regularly, meet some like minded friends and laugh a lot. Happiness can help to keep dementia, depression, and social isolation at bay. Let’s make our parents smile more every day.

  • 21 Feb 2017 11:41 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    In the Guinness Book of Records, check out this 92 year old who brings new meaning to power women.  

  • 10 Jan 2017 9:40 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Sometimes we have a feeling about something but we just can't place it. Last night before I went to bed, I texted mum to ask her to meet me in the morning to visit mama. Our usual routine was to go in the afternoon. Somehow, I wanted to see her in the morning today. We arrived at 8+, Dad came along too.  Like all typical overly concerned caregivers, I went to ask the nurse whats Grandma's health stats for the morning. Her blood pressure was now 63/36, and she looked like she was breathing heavily, so the nurses got her some oxygen. By this point, Grandma had already gone without food and water for 5 days. I shared the info with my family. My aunty was also on the way over. Aunty arrived shortly, with a ang pow in tow, you see, mama was a big lottery fan, and she just won first prize a few days ago, aunty gave her the red packet and had some time to talk to mama too. Then all of us, together with the pastor were just chatting as usual in the room when we noticed that mama had left us, she just closed her eyes and went to a happy place.  Thank you mama, for giving me a chance to be by your side and the lifetime of love you have given me.

  • 26 Dec 2016 10:57 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Every few months, ASPIRE55 organises a potluck that is intended to encourage our members to cook, show off their culinary skills and for the rest of us, an opportunity to tuck in and enjoy many of the wonderful dishes presented. Presenting you the wonderful menu cooked by the chefs of ASPIRE55. First we eat, then we work out. 

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 

  • 24 Dec 2016 2:38 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    It's been a really exciting month for mama. In the lead up to christmas, we have been really busy. Under the umbrella of Christmas, its given me many opportunities to have conversations and activities with mama. Mama's room has been decorated with christmas lights for the past two months, she loves it, I don't think I will take them down. It's also been a busy period at the nursing home, where volunteers come to carol, staff are busy decorating and organising parties, and also a time where mama puts in even more effort than usual to look pretty. We had her hair and nails done too, in time for festivities. And she takes even more care to pick out her clothes. so she can look pretty for all the photos. We get busy talking about presents for the staff, talking about the christmas party programmes, enjoying the carols, taking pics of every tree we come across, and making a lot of new friends, and visiting the old friends. Mama loves being social, and christmas gives her lots of opportunities to have conversations and just have fun. Although mama can't join us at the ASPIRE55 annual christmas potluck at our clubhouse this year, I keep her in the loop with everything we do there (I show her lots of pics and videos), after all, Mama is my no.1 fan, ambassador for the club and motivation behind it. 

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Founder's Blog: Janice Chia 
  • I am often asked why a young person like myself would want to start ASPIRE55? When I first brought up the idea and brainstormed it with fellow co-founder, Yiing Ching (YC), we talked about it with our family members in mind. How would they age, where would they live, what type of activities and services they would need if they were to continue living in their own homes. As such, ASPIRE55 has been and will always be a family oriented village, where we bring our families and friends together, and we welcome new members into the ASPIRE55 family.
    Grandma, then at 80 years old has always been one of my biggest inspirations for my focus on the ageing sector. When I brought her on a cruise recently, she was walking stronger and more steadily than people over 10 years younger than her. Since a year ago, she has been regularly introduced to different activities and new friends. She works out twice a week and she loves chatting with younger friends. When she goes to the park downstairs, she loves practicing English with our Caucasian neighbors.  Something I have learnt is that simply telling our loved ones to go out, go exercise, go make new friends, go take up a new course, does not work. If you care about your them, take the time to accompany them through the first step. Many of our members first visit to our club is accompanied by their friends or family members. Sometimes, all they need is just a little encouragement and support from us when we are trying to get them to try something new.
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