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Speciality: Assistive Living Products


ASPIRE55 is proud to partner with The Golden Concepts to provide quality eldercare products for our members. All ASPIRE55 Gold and Silver members will receive a special code in your email that entitles you to special rates to purchase.

Apart from curating the best products from Europe, Taiwan and America, Golden Concepts also has their own in-house range of brands that they have produced.

Check out uniquely produced The Golden Concepts products and member discounts:

The Cane Collective - A range of designer walking canes designed to suit the Asian clientele

HappyBath - A series of affordable bath products to improve safety in the bathroom

HappyWheels - A range of travel friendly wheelchairs and walkers


The story behind The Golden Concepts

The Golden Concepts is a Singapore company started by two young female entrepreneurs, Vanessa Keng and Lee Chang Xi in September 2011. The Golden Concepts is an e-commerce company which curates a wide range of innovative eldercare products that encourage independent living and mobility. Their motivation stems from seeing satisfied customers benefit from using their products. They have come a long way over a span of six years, from selling only four products on their e-commerce platform, to over 400 products today.  

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