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Webinar Recording: China’s COVID-19 Health and Community Care Strategy (90 mins)

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Gain insights on China in the launch edition of the Ageing Asia Webinar Series – Global implications of COVID-19 on the eldercare sector in Asia Pacific. COVID-19 has set unprecedented implications on the socio and economic aspects across sectors and markets, and especially on the eldercare sector. Some of the highlights of this webinar includes a showcase of China’s COVID-19 health and community care strategy by an eldercare operator. In addition, participants will also hear about activities to reduce social isolation and loneliness for seniors by community leaders. In recent times, China’s National Health Commission has reported single digit domestic cases of COVID-19. With the success of China driving the transmission down to low levels, life continues post lock down amidst restrictions from the health crisis. The authorities remain on high alert. The management and prevention strategy by China provides an opportunity for other countries to learn how to prevent and rebound from COVID-19. A leading eldercare operator, Mr Tony Wang, CEO, Watermark Senior Living China Limited, China will present in this webinar on China’s COVID-19 health and community care strategy. He will be sharing insights on: Elderly in China: What is life like for elders in the community today? What are the precautions for staff and visitors in China nursing homes? How to prevent cluster infections in nursing homes and in the community? Special management and prevention strategies from China
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